Aperribay confirms the interest for Juanmi, of the Southampton ( News )

The Royal Company, with the permanency assured mathematically, has begun already to move to reinforce his staff the next season and today the president, Jokin Aperribay, has recognized contacts to register Juanmi Jiménez, of the Southampton.

Aperribay, in a meeting with the press during the training of the team in Hernani’s of Guipuzcoa locality, has revealed some of the negotiations that it has in hands, as that it affects Juanmi, which might return to the Spanish league after his frustrated step along the Premier League.

” There have been conversations with the club and with the player. We are going to see if they come to fruition “, has indicated Aperribay, who also has spoken on the future of Gero Rulli.

He has remembered that the team ” needs a doorman ” and he would like that it was the international Argentine cancerbero, I motivate for that the club negotiates his definitive signing with the investment fund that possesses his rights after two years of transfer.

He has spoken also on the Mexican Carlos Vela, whom it does not see out of the club for the next season, and has admitted that it has not done a good season.

Not obstane, he thinks that He Guards is ” compromised with the Real one “, for what the entity at that he presides, has indicated, it( will value five years that it has been in San Sebastian and not only last months.

Aperribay also has analyzed the situation of the Brazilian Jonathas de Jesus, who, his representatives have moved as him, is “satisfied” in the team and of the one that thinks that ” it can give more because it has a great potential “, so that it calls on to see ” how he is and what it is better for the Real one “, before deciding on hisfuture.