Southampton 2-0 Watford (13.01.2016) Live Commentary

The fans must be pleased with the show they have seen on the pitch today. It was the opposite of boredom, very attractive football. Let’s hope the players won’t lose their passion and determination in the future matches. Southampton were dominant and more threatening of the two sides. It was a fairly one-sided match. Both sides relied on getting in chances mostly with counter-attacking.
Craig Pawson is looking at his watch and ends this match right now.
Graziano Pelle (Southampton) finds himself in a promising position after receiving an excellent pass into the box, but one of the defenders produces timely intervention to avert the threat.
Shane Long (Southampton) finds himself beyond the last defender, but the game is stopped by the referee after the linesman signals for offside.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) sends in the corner, but he fails to find the head of any of his teamamtes, and the the defence makes a clearance.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) was just about to receive a beautiful pass into a promising position. However, one of the defenders makes a timely clearance. Corner kick. Southampton will have an opportunity.
There will be a minimum of 5 min. of added time.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) launches a powerful cross from the corner into the box, but the ball is intercepted by the defender.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) sends a superb lead pass into the penalty area and finds Shane Long, who fails to shoot. The referee signals for a corner kick, Southampton are awarded.
Close! Dusan Tadic (Southampton) is a whisker away from finishing-off the move he started. His close-range effort flies just over the bar.
The attendance for today’s match is 28399.
Craig Cathcart (Watford) fashions a shot from the edge of the box after receiving an accurate pass. Fraser Forster (Southampton) makes a stunning save and denies the effort which is headed for the right side of the goal.
Graziano Pelle (Southampton) should know this behaviour is beyond the rules. He was too careless with his challenge and made Craig Pawson blow the whistle.
Here is a change. Cedric Soares is going off and Ronald Koeman gives the last tactical orders to Maya Yoshida (Southampton).
Substitution has been made. Steven Davis is replaced by Graziano Pelle (Southampton).
14:4 – this is the total number of shots produced by both teams.
Troy Deeney (Watford) makes a bad challenge on his opponent and is booked by the referee.
A promising cross into the box is nearly received by lurking Troy Deeney (Watford). One of the defending players cuts out the effort to avert the threat.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) displays great tekkers inside the box leading to a fantastic goal, leaving the goalkeeper stranded.
It’s time for a substitution. That is the last involvement from Miguel Angel Britos Cabrera, and he is replaced by Craig Cathcart (Watford).
Ronald Koeman decides to make a substitution. Sadio Mane is going off the pitch and Dusan Tadic (Southampton) is coming on.
Shane Long links up with Sadio Mane (Southampton), who fires just wide of the right post from the edge of the box.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) receives a precise pass inside the box and takes a shot that goes just wide of the left post.
Here comes a substitution. Allan Nyom is given a rest as he is replaced by Victor Ibarbo (Watford).
Today’s referee Craig Pawson rightly decides to book Sebastian Prodl (Watford) for his harsh tackle.
Steven Davis (Southampton) with a teasing cross into the area, but Heurelho Gomes (Watford) intercepts the ball.
Oriol Romeu (Southampton) connected with a pass around the edge of the box, aimed and struck. His attempt went in the direction of the middle of the target, but Heurelho Gomes was alert and didn’t let the score change.
Shane Long (Southampton) attempts to find some of his teammates with a dangerous pass from the edge of the box. The opponent’s defence intercepts the effort and clears the ball to safety.
Gooal! No wait, it’s been ruled out for offside. Steven Davis (Southampton) disagrees, but the assistant referee is sure about his call.
Cedric Soares (Southampton) delivers a long ball, but it lacks enough power to reach his teammates and is intercepted by one of the defenders.
Manager makes a subsitution with Ikechi Anya (Watford) coming on for Almen Abdi.
The resulting corner from Steven Davis (Southampton) is averted by the opposition’s defence.
Steven Davis (Southampton) whips the ball into the penalty area, but one of the defenders is alert and spanks it away. Now Southampton with a corner.
The corner from Steven Davis (Southampton) is cleared away by the defence.
Matt Targett (Southampton) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared. Southampton earn a corner.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) sends a pass into the box, but the opposition’s defence is alert to the danger and makes a clearance.
Allan Nyom (Watford) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out.
Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) takes the corner but it has been cleared.
Heurelho Gomes (Watford) has picked up a minor injury, but it looks like he will be able to continue.
The game is interrupted now, Heurelho Gomes (Watford) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) connects with a cross from the side and steers a header from around the penalty spot towards the goal. The ball goes in a right direction, but it’s stopped by one of the defenders. Southampton have been awarded a corner kick.
Jordy Clasie (Southampton) is penalised for tripping, a poor challenge. Craig Pawson, blowing his whistle for a foul, makes it clear he won’t tolerate such behaviour.
The players are back out on the pitch following the half-time break and the second half is about to start.
There has been no time for the supporters to get bored during the eventful opening 45 minutes. Both teams’ performances were spiced up with some breathtaking situations. Southampton enjoy superiority over the opposition. The home team tries to find the weakness in the opposition’s defence especially with rapid counter-attacks. The same goes for the away side.
That is it for the first half after the referee blows his whistle and the players head to their dressing rooms.
Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) serves in a nice cross, but Heurelho Gomes (Watford) punches the ball away.
We will have 1 min. of added time.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Heurelho Gomes (Watford), who smothers the ball.
Jose Fonte (Southampton) finds some space inside the box and produces a first-time shot that goes high over the bar. High, wide and not at all pretty.
Southampton has a chance to score from a corner kick, but it’s averted by a defender, who manages to clear the ball away.
Steven Davis (Southampton) attempts to scoop the ball into the box through the defence, but one of the defending players produces a timely intervention. The main referee and his assistant both point at the corner flag. Southampton will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
Allan Nyom (Watford) produces a cross into the box. The opposition’s defence clears the ball to safety.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) creates himself a good chance and goes for goal from mid-range, but he doesn’t change the score as his effort deflects away off the left post.
Southampton slow the tempo of the game down by exchanging a combination of one to two touch passes. For the opposition’s players it’s very difficult at the moment, very physically demanding to run without the ball.
The assistant referee signals offside, and the main referee confirms his decision. Shane Long (Southampton) is the one who was caught offside.
Craig Pawson blows his whistle. Who will be penalised? Now it is clear. Troy Deeney (Watford) is said to have used excessive force while attacking.
Almen Abdi (Watford) dinks a cross into the box as he attempts to find one of his teammates, but the defence manages to make a clearance.
Ben Watson (Watford) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates.
Odion Ighalo (Watford) dribbles into space and finds himself in a shooting position, but his shot from the edge of the box is bravely blocked. The ball is out-of-play. Watford will have a chance to score from a corner.
Jose Holebas (Watford) hasn’t suffered any serious injury which wouldn’t allow him to stay on the pitch. He’s back in the game now.
Jose Holebas (Watford) is having a really harsh time now. We are about to find out how serious his injury is.
Craig Pawson shows a yellow card to Alves Cedric (Southampton) for his blatant foul.
Well-positioned Shane Long (Southampton) was first to the rebound to fire a shot, which was aimed towards the left post. But Heurelho Gomes (Watford) reacted superbly to keep the ball out. The fans could not believe their eyes. It was a miraculous stop!
Steven Davis (Southampton) with the corner, but it is intercepted by the defender.
Matt Targett (Southampton) picks up the rebound on the edge of the box and shoots. His effort, however, only finds the gloves of the opponent’s goalkeeper. The main referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner kick. It will be taken by Southampton.
Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) takes the corner, but the goalkeeper jumps and gathers the ball.
Heurelho Gomes makes a brilliant save! Sadio Mane (Southampton) weaves easily through the defence and fires the ball from mid-range. His effort goes towards the middle of the goal, but it is denied by the mentioned goalkeeper! Southampton get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Allan Nyom (Watford) attempts to set up his teammate into a scoring opportunity with a fine chip pass from the edge of the box, but one of the defenders intercepts his effort.
Matt Targett sends a superb cross into the box, Shane Long (Southampton) latches on to it, and from near the penalty spot he powers a header which goes inside the right post, leaving Heurelho Gomes beaten. He displays his eye for goal, an excellent finish. The score is 1:0.
Allan Nyom (Watford) comes up with a dangerous chip pass into the box and attempts to set up an ideal shooting position for his teammates, but the effort is intercepted by one of the defenders.
Odion Ighalo (Watford) attempts to whip in a crossfield pass, the defence does well to intercept the ball. It’s a throw-in for Watford.
Wonderful pass from Shane Long (Southampton) for Sadio Mane, but they can’t profit from it as Heurelho Gomes comes off his line to collect.
Cedric Soares (Southampton) slaloms his way past challenges, but an opposing player does well to get the ball away.
Oriol Romeu (Southampton) latches on to an accurate pass on the edge of the box and immediately unleashes a shot which is wide of the mark.
Shane Long (Southampton) nearly creates a chance, but his attempt to pick out a teammate with a through ball does not come off.
Southampton keep possession of the ball by producing short passes, waiting to open the opposition’s defence to hit them swiftly on the break.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) is trying to send the ball in front of the goal, but the opposition’s defence averts the threat.
Matt Targett (Southampton) produces a dangerous lofted cross into the box which is intercepted.
Oriol Romeu (Southampton) should calm his temper, this was too much! He robbed the opponent of the ball, but Craig Pawson calls for a foul.
Matt Targett (Southampton) flights in the cross, but the defender is alert and clears to safety.
Shane Long (Southampton) is picked up by one of his teammates with a brilliant long-range cross, but he doesn’t receive the ball well and the defence eliminates the danger without problems.
Odion Ighalo (Watford) is adjudged offside.
Sebastian Prodl (Watford) is getting out of the opposition’s pressure by passing the ball on the ground.
The first half of this match is about to start.
The players are out and the match is about to start. Watford will have the kick-off.
Craig Pawson will referee today’s match.
Both teams starting lineups are available now, so you can have a look at them.
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